ATTENTION: Are you bored of the same old routine? Do you want to take the effort out of finding new workouts? Want a new workout every month from as little as £1 per session?
Welcome to Harefit's Workout of the Month!
Every Month You Receive:
A Brand New Workout
Every Month I take my favourite workout from either the one i've been doing or a client favourite and i upload it to my training app to give you full access.

You can look forward to the gym again as you avoid the same old boring exercises that haven't got you any results!

Mix up your training and stimulate new muscle growth every month to avoid plateaus.

No matter whether your goal is weight loss, building muscle or maintenance you can use these workouts as your training should be the same regardless.
Calorie/Macro Goals
What you eat plays a massive role in your success therefore i wouldn't just leave you eating blind.

Each month I provide you with the calorie and macro goals that i recommend for weight loss, building muscle or maintenance.

Take the complexity out of dieting and simply input my ratios into the free MyFitnessPal app, scan your food as you go, hit your targets and smash your goals!
Full Video Instructions
New to the gym? Struggle with your form? Want to be guided through your workout?

No problem!

You get access to my training app which allows you to track your weights, rest periods and best of all every exercise has a video guide detailing the key points you need to look out for.

Using this app provides you with the next best thing to hiring a personal trainer to work with you in every workout but at a fraction of the cost! 
The Harefit Guarantee
As always with all my products you are covered by my 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you're not happy with your purchase for any reason then email me ( and I will personally process you a full refund.

I understand that some people will abuse this generosity but i am willing to take that risk to ensure that all my customers are fully satisfied when they decide to work with me to achieve their goals.
Ready to enrol in the Workout Of The Month?
Click the button below to be taken to the sign up page. Once you have input your details you will then receive an email to download my app and get started straight away! It really is that simple.
You get access to all this for JUST £20 per month! If you train 4 times per week that works out to £1.15 per workout!
Pay for 6 months up front and I will give you 1 month free! Click the button below now to take advantage of this great saving.
The Workout Of The Month Re-Opens at the end of every month!
To be added to the waiting list & also receive a special subscriber discount code:
- Click the button below
- Enter your details in the form
- Be sure to whitelist my email when you receive it so you don't miss out
- Look out for my WOTM email at the end of the month containing your link to join and a special discount code!
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Workout Of The Month?
It is the next generation of workout programs! Each month a new workout program is downloaded to the app on your phone. This workout is taken either from my own personal workout for the month or one of my favourite online coaching clients workouts. 
Inside the super easy to use app each exercise has it's own video tutorial showing you exactly how to perform every exercise.
You are also able to record all the weights you are using to monitor your progression and the app also counts down your rest periods making sure you keep the intensity high.
No longer do you need random bits of paper, a workout journal or static PDF's downloaded to your phone. The WOTM takes care of absolutely everything for you.
How much is the program?
You get all this for JUST £20 per month!
My currency is not in pounds can i still join?
Yes! The trainerize page will convert the monthly subscription into any currency. My program has no barriers. You can work with me from anywhere in the world!
Is this for females too?
It sure is! Gone are the days when women should work out differently to men. To turn your body into a metabolic machine you should be lifting weights and building muscle. Now, as most women often ask, you will not turn into some bodybuilding freak with muscle popping out of everywhere i promise. Stick with the maintenance or weight loss nutrition goals and you will develop a strong lean physique.
What if my goal is weight loss?
The beauty of the program is that no matter what your goal is; weight loss, maintenance or muscle building your workouts are and should be the same. This is because you should always be looking to either maintain or build muscle which you do through my workouts. The individual goals of weight loss or building muscle are all in the nutrition. Which i also take care of for you!
What if my goal is to build muscle?
The beauty of the program is that no matter what your goal is; weight loss, maintenance or muscle building your workouts are and should be the same. To build muscle you have to be in a calorie surplus and so by completing my workouts, which are always designed to build muscle, while in a calorie surplus you will build muscle. The best thing is i also tell you what calories and macros you should be consuming too!
I do not entertain the term 'dirty bulk' therefore if this is what you want then i'm afraid this program is not for you. Instead i employ 'clean bulks' with all of my clients as i see no reason to pile on excess body fat to then have to work even harder to burn it all back off. My macro and calorie suggestions will be 200 to 300 calories above your maintenance levels allowing you to build muscle without massively increasing your body fat.
When is the new program delivered?
On the 1st of every month i will swap the old workout for the new workout within the app.
How many days do i need to train?
You can train as little or as often as you wish. If you can only do 2 days per week then just pick 2 workouts. If you want to train 7 days a week then just double some of the workouts up and do them twice a week. Just be sure that you're getting enough rest in between sessions to recover.
I'm over 50 years old can i join?
Yes you can! I would always recommend speaking to a doctor before undertaking any new fitness programs but there is no reason why you can't use this program. Start light and build yourself up. You will soon be showing off your new found strength and muscle to the grandkids!
What if i don't like the program?
You have the option to either wait for the following month when your new workout will be delivered to see if you prefer that one or alternatively if you really don't like the WOTM program then email me at and i will process a refund for that month for you.
I only want extremely satisfied customers of any of my products so please email me and let me know if you have any issues or problems.
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