Lean Physique Coaching
Do you want to look good naked with a program that's designed to fit you and your busy lifestyle?
Does it feel like everything you try is just 1 step forward and 2 steps back?

Are you confused over the constantly conflicting information in the fitness industry and trying to decide what will actually work?

Tired of putting the effort into programs that just aren't getting you that lean, sexy body you want?

If you're here to get serious about losing stubborn body fat, building jaw dropping lean muscle and looking awesome naked then you're in the right place!

Harefit Online Personal Training is for serious men and women looking to shape up, get lean and achieve their best body for life.

Now, let's talk about the real reason you're here...

"...I feel stronger, more confident and happier than ever!"

The first pictures are from 27th January 2019 and the after pictures are from the 16th March. So about 7 weeks difference and I feel so much better!!

After radiotherapy, surgery, chemo and all the stress of last year I feel stronger, more confident and happier than ever! And it's all thanks to Lee.

He worked out an exercise plan and a diet plan; even allowing for my weekend cheats. He pushes me when I feel crap and he is my biggest cheerleader!!! Still got work to do but I am happy with where it's heading ❤️ - Lisa H

"Loved the process."

Oct 31 to Jan 27 ➡️ Lost 14lb and 4.5in around the waist! Hell yea 💥

Thanks to my amazing coach, Lee who no doubt did a Fantabulous job keeping me challenged and on track.

He's knowledgeable and hell of a motivator! Check him out!

Our weekly Skype check- ins were both motivating and a proposition to a new week's challenge! Loved the process.

"...You can’t argue with the results!!!"

Seriously these workouts are kicking my ass.

Lee keeps me on point too with daily encouragement and tips and tricks. 

These workouts are as intense and you can’t argue with the results!!! - Chuck M
You want to look good naked.

You want that lean, sexy look every movie star seems to have these days.

You want to be able to fit in that dress.

You want to walk confidently onto the beach this summer.

You want to take control of your health and fitness.

But, if you're like most people I speak to...

You're sick of these cookie cutter workout plans designed to have you in the gym for 90 minutes 5 time a week.

You're bored of hearing how one diet is superior to another diet, you just want to know what will work for you.

You're tired of waking up and being unhappy with the body you see in the mirror.

Most of all you've had enough of letting yourself down. You know that without looking after your own health and fitness you will never be able to reach your full potential in your work and family life.

I get it, as a former overweight Police Officer I went through the embarrassment of having my pants, very loudly, split as I searched a prisoner in custody.

A friend asking me one day why I wore such tight jeans... they were the only pair that fit at the time.

I was ashamed of my body, I felt upset and lost as I didn't know what to do to turn it around. I tried many different diets and workouts but they didn't work. Any weight I lost quickly returned plus more!

It wasn't until I got help from an expert combined with his accountability that I began seeing real results and the weight fell off week after week... 
And now, I'm here to help you do the same.
Your Sustainable Body Transformation Starts Right Now
I have now made it my mission to help men and women all over the world fight through the B.S. in the industry to create a simple and extremely effective fitness plan that not only gets amazing results but doesn't require you to live in the gym or constantly carry boring chicken and veg with you every day.

My program teaches you how to fit being fit and healthy into a busy, social, everyday lifestyle. The way it should be so that you can continue to maintain your dream body long after we finish working together.
Meet Your Coach

Lee Hare

I was always the fat kid growing up. I simply enjoy eating food, a real foodie you might say. I tried to 'eat healthy' at several different points throughout my life but it wouldn't last long... I just didn't enjoy giving up the foods I loved.

One day the scales hit an all time high and I knew enough was enough.

I knew there must be a way to do this without eating chicken, rice and broccoli every meal and I found it.

I was introduced to the wonderful world of flexible dieting by my amazing coach. He showed me how I could shave serious amounts of weight off me while still eating the foods I loved and incorporating tasty yet healthy alternatives. It was win-win and I never looked back.

I felt so amazing, confident, sexy and relieved that I knew I wanted to help others feel this exact same way.

So I made it my mission to work with others who have been frustrated and let down by the fitness industry. That have suffered long enough simply because they refuse to devote their life to losing weight, eating boring foods and living in the gym. To the people that really do want their cake and to eat it!
The Key To Your Results?
The thing is you can get workouts, diets, supplement info, stretching protocols, breathing exercises... anything you need from a simple Google search. That's not what's going to get you the results you desire.

It's the knowledge, experience and personalised plan that a coach can deliver to you and then hold you accountable, that's going to strip that body fat and build that sexy body.
How Will I Deliver Your Results?
Personalised training program to build the foundation of your awesome transformation

Make the most of your precious time and workout in the most efficient way possible to have you shedding them unwanted pounds while building that jaw dropping physique.

There is no 'cookie cutter', 'one size fits all' program here. I will personally design the right program for you, what you enjoy, what your goals are and how much time you have available.
Custom nutrition guidance that makes life easy 

We all have a diet... so I don't need to flip your life upside down and give you a completely new one.

There are many 'tools' to help you achieve your goals such as fasting, keto, paleo, high carb but you don't NEED them. I work with my clients to adjust their own diet, to make healthy changes and, more importantly, implement long-term strategies that will not only have you stripping fat right away but allow you to keep if off in the future too.
Accountability to always keep you on track 

"The weekly check ins are the backbone of your success"

I am with you every step of the way throughout your transformation journey. Each week we will asses your progress and see where we can make those vital improvements.

Your success is my success. I am here to work with you to work out what works, what's not so good and how we can flip this around.
What You'll Get...
Take a look at everything included in this program to guarantee your success.
The best thing you can do right now is take the leap and make the investment into a better you.
"This includes EVERYTHING you need to achieve your dream body."
Take action today! What you're doing right now isn't working, otherwise you wouldn't be on this page. Decide right now to make a change and click the APPLY NOW button below.
Please Read This Quick 5 Step Checklist Before Applying Below
  • Yes, I understand this is a commitment to online coaching. After we agree terms, I can cancel at any time.
  • Yes, I am serious about making a change and taking back control of my health and my fitness.
  •  Yes, I understand that this is going to be hard work and I will be both mentally and physically challenged BUT I will have Lee by my side every step of the way to answer any questions or concerns I have.
  •  Yes, I understand that to get the most out of this training I will need to check in every week, complete the workouts Lee sets me and stick, as close as possible, to the nutrition advice he gives me.
  •  Yes, I understand that this is an investment into myself. Online coaching is by far the best value way to work with a knowledgable and professional personal trainer who is going to change my life not only in the time I work with him but for years to come.
If you agree and you're ready to take your transformation to the next level, to take control and finally banish your body fat while feeling amazing then click the button below. Complete the short application form and I will contact you within the next 24hrs.
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Billed Every 4 Weeks
  • Detailed Assessment Of Your Current Health And Fitness
  • Customised Training Program Delivered Through My Training App. Includes Video Demonstrations Of All Exercises
  • Nutrition Plan And Guidance Based On Your Goals
  • Access To My Coaching Video Library
  • Weekly Check In Email
  • Email Support
  • Join The Facebook Support Group

Billed Every 4 Weeks
  • Two 30 Minute Skype Check In Calls Per Month With Me Personally
  • Detailed Assessment Of Your Current Health And Fitness
  • Customised Training Program Delivered Through My Training App. Includes Video Demonstrations Of All Exercises
  • Nutrition Plan And Guidance Based On Your Goals
  • Access To My Coaching Video Library
  • Weekly Check In Email
  • Email Support
  • Join The Facebook Support Group
A reminder of what I am going to do for you:
  •  IMPROVE your diet: I'm going to make a presumption that you currently eat... with this being the case you already have a diet but if you're on this page right now it just isn't the best diet for you. With a few simple tweaks here and there I can improve your current diet to allow you to continue eating the foods you love whilst getting a body you'll love even more.
  •  BUILD your muscle: No matter whether you're male, female increasing your muscle through weight training will improve your body composition, confidence, body fat percentage, health markers and your attractiveness to the opposite sex.
  •  OPTIMISE your health: This is not a program where you're going to be emailed a workout and a diet plan and sent out into the big wide world on your own. I am going to identify areas of your life that we will see massive improvements in such as your sleep, stress levels and digestion. This will not only make you a happy human being but it's also going to make achieving your dream body so much easier too.
  •  Get RESULTS: In fact, I'm so confident in my services that I'm offering you a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t see results. (T&C’s apply)
30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
You are completely protected by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you feel I have not lived up to my promise and provided you with the tools you need to shed body fat, build an awesome physique and look amazing naked then I will process you a full refund. Simply email me lee@harefit.com
"I am so confident that I am going to blow you away with what I provide that I offer every client a full 30 day money back guarantee... but nobody every needs it"
When Will I start Seeing Results?
This varies from person to person depending on where you are starting from right now. You should begin seeing results within the first 2-4 weeks of working with me for definite.
What Happens After I Complete The Application?
I receive a notification and I can review your answers. From there I will initially message you via the email address you provide on the form. We can either setup a call where I can discuss how I can help you and what the packages I offer are or you can get started straight away and I will send you a payment link.
How Can I Pay?
I can provide you a payment link to setup the direct debit using your credit or debit card or alternatively you can pay through Paypal also. Just let me know which you prefer.
What Happens After I Pay?
Once you have paid I will send you a welcome email which has a link to a comprehensive questionnaire that I use to determine the best program for you. Once you have completed that I will then get your full program to you within 1 - 3 working days. If for any reason it's going to be longer than this due to abnormal circumstances I will let you know ASAP.
How Will My Plan Come?
I will send you a download link for my training app. It is available across all platforms. Inside the app you are able to see the workouts, tutorial videos, record your weights, body measurements, weight, message me and even video call me. Everything you need is wrapped neatly into one app.
How Often Can I Message You?
To allow me to devote enough time to everybody I set Wednesdays as my day to answer all emails. This allows to provide the very best service as answering emails and messages at all times of the day would detract from the quality service I provide.
Saying that, I still don't mind answering the occasional quick question or seeing a food pic.
Can I Cancel?
If it comes to a point where you wish to fly the nest and take the reins thats not a problem. My aim is to always build up your knowledge so that at some point you will be able to do this and continue to sustain your new body. 
When the time comes just let me know and I can provide you with anything extra you may need when you leave and I will cancel the monthly payment.
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