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Former overweight cop turned fat loss coach.
Hey there, my name's Lee and I'm the creator of Harefit. I was previously a 220 pounds overweight cop that spent years trying to lose weight through whatever means where 'hyped up' at the time. Following my own transformation where I lost over 40 pounds and became the hunk you see here on the left I realised that I wanted to help others do the exact same thing as I'd done in a much simpler way than most believe it takes.

I now help thousands of people around the world to shed their unwanted body fat, build incredible strength and create their dream body.

It's now go time for you. Your oppurtunity to step up and transform.

Feel free to download a couple of free guides, read some articles and workout your calories using my calorie calculator. Then, when you're ready, I'm here to work with you through my online coaching to fast track your results and show you what you can really do.
My Lean Physique Coaching Program
Where my goal is to do everything I can so you achieve yours.
Ever wondered how people get such great results in a much quicker time than most? You expect me to say they're being coached right? Nope, the one's who really get the results are the ones that can find THE plan that fits their goals and then execute that plan over and over again each day. Like these people:
Mirna who worked with me for 12 weeks to shape up for her holiday and increase her strength which ended up in her deadlifting an extra 70 pounds from when she started.
Here's Ieuan who sent me this message after his first week into working with me. He then went on to lose a steady 1-2 pounds of body fat each week.
If you're one of the lucky ones that can do this on their own, create the plan, stick to the plan and get great results then here's a virtual high five and I wish you good luck. Feel free to take a look around and download a free workout to mix things up.

If you're the kind of person, like I was, that was forever frustrated about putting the time and effort into the gym but never actually looking like I ever went then you are who I am here to help.

Are you ready to be shown how you can lose body fat, build lean muscle and still live a normal life where you can socialise with friends and eat the occasional pizza? Click the button below and let's get started.
Not quite ready for the investment of online coaching? Below you will find a great starter program containing the workouts I used to transform myself plus I give you a tonne of information regarding the diet too so by the end of the 12 weeks you'll be well on your way to your own transformation.
The workout program I used to go from an overweight 245 pound Police Officer who couldn't chase a criminal to save my life! To the lean muscley fitness guide you see here today.
Follow in my footsteps and get THE program that is producing amazing results for people all around the world!
Regular Price $97
Sale $19
Build Muscle
Follow my amazing transformation it has got to the point where I now need to build muscle.
I am currently going through this process myself as with all my programs.
Once I have nailed down my plan and optimised it to produce the awesome results my Harefit clients have become accustomed to I will be releasing it to the world!
Make sure you're subscribed to my mailing list as I will be notifying them first.
Free Guides For You:
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Get Abs Without Crunches

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Track Your Way To Success
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What People Are Saying:
Just starting out on the programme with the intention of losing excess body fat and regaining my fitness levels.

The 30 minute workouts can easily fit into my busy business life and left me feeling like I'd really worked out.

Combined with changing the way I eat the results should be just what I am aiming for. - Chris H
- Chris H, UK
I only ever want customers that are 100% satisfied with my products therefore if you feel a product is not for you or you aren't achieving the results you wanted then email me ( and request a full refund!
I understand that some people will exploit this but I am willing to take that chance so that you can feel 100% comfortable with your new purchase!
Seriously these workouts are kicking my ass. Toughing through them and trying to beat last week’s score gives me the motivation and drive needed.

Lee keeps me on point too with daily encouragement and tips and tricks. 

These 30 Minute body workouts are as intense as you make them but you can’t argue with the results!!!- Chuck M
- Chuck Morgan, Bermuda
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